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What Makes Tumescent Liposuction So Popular?

Before tumescent liposuction came on the market, liposuction surgery was increasingly popular already. However, the traditional method of fat removal had a big disadvantage. There was so much blood loss during the surgery that it did require blood transfusions. Now a tumescent liposuction requires only a local anesthesia and the loss of blood could be minimized. It has become a very safe and successful surgery technique.

Removing fat with a surgery was not new. I the sixties Italian surgeons developed a new technique by inserting a cannula. Over the following decades the techniques have improved but the basic idea remained the same. Cosmetic surgeons could reduce the complications and risk over time, especially with tumescent liposuction. The risk of death is almost non existent and other complications are well below 2%.

If you are looking for a better liposuction that is less painful then the tumescent technique is for you. The traditional method uses a much bigger cannula which is the main reason for more damage and much more blood loss. The tumescent procedure only requires a micro cannula.

The popularity and the success of the tumescent liposuction surgery make people believe that it is a great weight loss strategy or a replacement for exercise and diet. This is not true. It is true that liposuction works great if the patient has not more than 20 pounds overweight and has a very good health condition. For all other people the risk of complications increases and also the risk that the outcome is not like desired. Another common misbelief is that it can remove cellulite.

How does a tumescent liposuction work? The plastic surgeon first applies a disinfectant to the skin. Thereafter he uses a marking pen to draw a map onto your skin that helps him to find the prefect places for the incisions. Under a local anesthetic the surgeon inserts a small cannula to remove the fat. First though, he a delivers a tumescent anesthetic through the infusion catheter under the skin.

The swelling is the biggest problem after the surgery but it will go back each day. You should move and not lie around. This increases the blood flow and your wounds will heal faster. Compression garments which you will have to wear for a few days will also help. After the swelling disappears you will see the outcome of the surgery the first time. The scars will also disappear over time.

All in all, if you are a good candidate then tumescent liposuction is a great and safe way of quick and efficient fat removal. The risk for most complications lies below 2%. If you choose an experienced surgeon then you can be pretty sure that you will be very satisfied with the results. Do not forget though that it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery.

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