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Can Hearing Aids Improve Your Sex Life? It's Never Sounded So Good!

With millions of people in the United States experiencing hearing loss, it is extremely surprising that very few actually wear hearing aids. While the expense of obtaining a pair or the image concerns might be a hindrance to some, they probably do not realize what they are actually missing. Your hearing loss may be costing you far more than investing in a pair of hearing aids.

If you are craving a little more action in the bedroom or things there seem a little lackluster, you may want to check your hearing. Even if you already own a pair of hearing aids, if things are not quite the way you desire, you may want to visit your hearing care professional. They will help you hear the things your partner has been trying to say to you, but that you just can’t hear. The following is a list of ways to overcome any hearing aid problems that are preventing you from having your way in the bedroom.


If you are concerned about how a hearing aid will make you look in the eyes of your partner, then you need to check out the latest styles. There are many available that will not only help you to hear the things you want and need to hear, but that will help you to still preserve your hip look. With today's technology, there are several models that are not that noticeable and will stay in place. No more embarrassing episodes where your hearing aid falls out and ruins the moment. In fact, some are so comfortable that you may forget that you even have them in your ears. And your mate will find you to be incredibly sexy when you can hear what's being said.


If you aren't able to hear things quite as crystal clear as when you first got your hearing aids, then you may want to check the batteries. New batteries will provide you with a new charge and you won't miss those sweet nothings that your partner may be whispering your way.


If you are concerned with the price of purchasing a pair of hearing aids, then you may want to take into consideration the price you are paying for not purchasing a pair of hearing aids. You are missing more than you realize. Do yourself (and your partner) a huge favor and find a hearing professional that offers a payment plan.

Is the cost of not being able to hear your partner a price you are willing to pay? You may be missing out on flirting and foreplay. Your mate may be sending you signals and making suggestive comments to which you are not responding. They may be getting their feelings hurt and may be finding you to be cold, impassive, and unresponsive. That will cost you tremendously, inside and outside of the bedroom.

Poor Sound Quality.

If your hearing aids are plaguing you with feedback (whistling), go back to your hearing professional for adjustments. They can help by making adjustments to your hearing aids, or if that is not possible, can fit you for a new pair that will make you happier. With a lot of background noise, it is next to impossible to hear the suggestive comments your partner is making. There are options available that will virtually eliminate the background noise and help you to fine tune your listening skills. Your hearing care professional will be more than happy to assist you in making a choice that will benefit you the most.

Imagine how happy you and your partner will be with your new hearing skills. You will find that those sweet nothings that have been whispered by your partner have never sounded so good!

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