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5 Cost Effective Methods For A Home Remedy For Cold Sore

Let us pause a moment before starting in on the topic of fast home remedy for Cold Sore and find out what it really is. It will begin as a small blister but will quickly develop into a nasty yellow encrusted eruption. These blemishes tend to manifest themselves around the mouth and even on the lips. These wounds are in fact a viral infection caused by herpes simplex.

This insidious virus can lurk beneath your skin for a considerable time and then erupt when something sets it off. Exposure to sunlight, getting emotionally tensed or a physical ailment can cause an unsightly Cold sore to appear.

There are several simple ways that you can use home remedy for cold sore problem. Some will help to give you relief from the actual symptoms others can assist with getting rid of the problem. Ice can be use as a good pain reliever and help to decrease the wound. Apply for 10 minutes multiple times per day. The sooner you treat the wound the better. This means that as soon as you feel that tingling feeling you should apply ice or herb applications. This feeling is a warning sign of things to come and an herbal application can actually kill the herpes virus before it gets a chance to erupt.

Making your selection of cost effective home remedy for cold Sore: the vital thing to keep in mind is that anything you are using for treatment should have the ability to kill the herpes virus. If you fail to do this the treatment will not work against the infection and will not give you the results you need. It is important to review the ingredients of the substance in detail before using it. A variety of herbs have the ability to kill the herpes simplex virus. Surprisingly you can grow many of them at home in your yard or windowsill. Some are in concentrated form like creams and ointments, these can be bought from your local pharmacy. Fresh or dried herbs can be found in the grocery store or special health food store.

1. Cost effective home remedy for Cold Sore using herbs: a readily available herb is lemon balm. An infusion can be made and then applied to the wound. It will help to stop the pain. Another herb is licorice; this is not quite so common so you may have to get this from the health food store. Do not use the candy as it often just has artificial flavoring, instead use licorice root tea. This is also available commercially. This herb should be used when the wound can still be seen. Another herb that you might only find in the health store pr your local nursery is St John's Worth this has anti viral properties. This can be applied in the form of a tincture to the wound.

2. Fast Home remedy for Cold Sore using a petroleum product: another product that is useful in treating this problem is Petroleum jelly. It has a soothing effect and will decrease pain symptoms. By forming a protective cover over the blister it will also make sure that secondary bacterial infection does not occur. You can find petroleum jelly at a variety of stores, as it is a common item. It is also possible that you have it already at home. The blisters are very contagious so always discard cotton wool or other material that comes into contact with the wound.

3. Easy home remedy for Cold Sore, milk: milk can relieve your pain. All you have to do is to soak a cotton ball in milk and apply to the wound. This will relieve discomfort and help to make it less unsightly. As soon as you feel the tell tale tingling that indicates the wound is about to come up you can apply the milk to the area. Milk neutralizes acidity and will have a cooling effect on the wound.

4. Easy home remedy for cold sore: another easy treatment is taking supplements. You can take Zinc lozenges, which will help your immune system. This will help you to combat the herpes virus.

5. Cost effective treatment for a Cold Sore, hygiene: Try not to touch, pick or scratch the blister, as this will worsen your condition by bringing additional bacterial infection. Be careful as these wounds are highly contagious and can be spread easily. After touching the blister be careful to wash your hands thoroughly, so that you do not spread the virus to others. Avoid contacts like kissing and sharing food and beverage utensils. You can even try to use disposable napkins and cups when your blisters are active. A hand sanitizer is often a good thing.

Managing your problem with easy methods for home remedies for a Cold Sore: Try to protect your sensitive lip area by avoiding harsh weather and especially sunlight. Avoid acidic, highly spiced and salty foods, as this will increase the pain. Do not cover the wound with makeup. Try to avoid stress, as this will trigger an outbreak of the herpes virus. Emotional stress can be managed easily by simple methods such as Yoga and meditation. This can prevent or at least decrease out breaks of herpes virus. So do not suffer needlessly apply some of these easy home remedy for Cold Sore problems and get relief fast.

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